Some questions for Biden at the first debate

Fox News has been promoting the upcoming presidential debate that will be moderated by their own Chris Wallace.  The reporters on Fox have been assuring their viewers that Biden will not escape challenging questions from the tough-reporting Wallace.  I am not that hopeful.  Wallace got the job in part because Biden has declined to be interviewed by Wallace on Fox News Sunday.  That is no guarantee that he will ask Biden tough questions.

Fox News screen grab.

If you are a Trump-supporter, this is not encouraging news.  Wallace's Sunday program has been very tough on Trump, particularly on his handling of the pandemic.  What worries me is not that he will go after Trump, but that he will not ask Biden difficult questions that force him to choose between the radical Democratic Party base and the more moderate but also more numerous center-left of the party.

Here are a few questions for Biden that might clarify his views for voters.

Will a Biden Education Department pressure high schools to allow boys to shower with girls and compete on girls' sports teams?

Will a Biden Education Department reinstate the "Dear Colleague Letter" that pressured colleges to impose federally mandated standards to adjudicate accusations of sexual assault?  Such standards denied the accused male students the right of counsel, the right of cross-examination, the right to confront the accuser, and the right to receive exculpatory evidence and mandated a standard of proof that required only that the accusations were more likely than not.

Will the Justice Department prosecute businesspeople who don't want to participate in same-sex "weddings"?

Will a Biden administration support giving trillions of dollars to African-Americans as reparations?

Will Biden reinstitute Critical Race Theory training in all agencies of the federal government, including the military?

Will Biden be pressed about his green energy policies?

Will Biden be pressed about his obvious ignorance of what the Trump administration response to the virus actually has been?  Biden's own suggestions are mostly copies of Trump administration policies.

Will Biden be pressed about favoring Iran during the Obama administration?  I suspect he may actually be tough on Biden about this.

Will he question Biden about his family enriching themselves while he was vice president?

Will he ask Biden if he intends to let the Durham investigation proceed?

Will he ask Biden if he would seek to place any limits on abortion?

With foreign policy not a focus of the debate, I suspect that Biden will get off relatively easy.  I doubt that Wallace will ask Biden any of the tough questions on social issues.  On the other hand, he is likely to go after Trump on his handling of the pandemic, suggesting that Trump's negligence is responsible for so many deaths.  Trump needs to be prepared to pressure Biden to address these contentious issues as well as be precise about his decision-making in combatting the pandemic.  If he can do these things well, he will greatly improve his election chances.

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