Joe Biden's demented candidacy echoes a crazy sitcom episode

There is a hilarious episode of Frasier titled "The Candidate" (1994) that resonates today.  Supercilious limousine liberal brothers Frasier and Niles are horrified to learn that their dad has filmed a political TV spot for the conservative running for Seattle's congressional seat.  Ex-cop Marty likes the law and order candidate who wants more cops on the street, while his snooty pseudo-environmentalist sons naturally support the bleeding-heart liberal running against him.  To assuage their guilt over their dad's ad, Frasier agrees to star in an ad for the Democrat.  During a break in the filming, the Democrat reveals to Frasier that he had once been kidnapped by aliens.  Psychiatrist Frasier is forced to admit to himself that the man is mentally disordered.  He goes through with the ad, but it is so obviously at odds with the scripted words that it is clear that he no longer supports the...(Read Full Post)
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