Joe Biden's demented candidacy echoes a crazy sitcom episode

There is a hilarious episode of Frasier titled "The Candidate" (1994) that resonates today.  Supercilious limousine liberal brothers Frasier and Niles are horrified to learn that their dad has filmed a political TV spot for the conservative running for Seattle's congressional seat.  Ex-cop Marty likes the law and order candidate who wants more cops on the street, while his snooty pseudo-environmentalist sons naturally support the bleeding-heart liberal running against him.  To assuage their guilt over their dad's ad, Frasier agrees to star in an ad for the Democrat.  During a break in the filming, the Democrat reveals to Frasier that he had once been kidnapped by aliens.  Psychiatrist Frasier is forced to admit to himself that the man is mentally disordered.  He goes through with the ad, but it is so obviously at odds with the scripted words that it is clear that he no longer supports the man.  After one more vaudevillian misunderstanding, Frasier inadvertently destroys the man's chances altogether, and the candidate gets only eight percent of the vote. 

This old piece of television comedy from when sitcoms were actually very funny is relevant because Frasier's alarming epiphany about his candidate's mental stability is surely how many Democrats feel as they come to realize that Joe Biden's mental capacity is fast declining, his cognitive ability vanishing with each passing day.  In their zeal to prevent Bernie Sanders from winning the nomination, they've boxed themselves into a corner of their own making and accidently nominated the oldest white male in the pack — and he is senile to boot.

But the Democrats' dilemma is not at all amusing; it is deadly serious.  Biden's handlers seem to think that as long as the media prop him up, aid and conceal his dependence on his teleprompter, ask only the softest of softball questions, and pretend his answers are coherent when they are gibberish, they can drag him across the finish line in November.  They may be fooling some of the people who have had neither the time nor inclination to watch the countless videos of Biden's mash-ups, but if the debate takes place and people begin paying closer attention, everyone will know that the Democrat candidate is damaged goods.  When they learn that a Biden/Harris administration means to keep abortion legal up to the moment of birth, decent people will balk at voting Democrat.  When they become aware that Biden has vowed to open our borders to all comers and bill U.S. taxpayers for their medical care, and that our taxes will be raised by $4T to accommodate this and other giveaways, they will vote their own pocketbook.  Biden and Harris both support the defund-the-police movement, one of the dumbest campaigns in American history, one that has set in motion unspeakable violence against law enforcement personnel around the country.  Only the most berserk people support that dangerous nonsense.

Biden was never a decent or a substantive member of Congress, but nearly all members of his family have managed to enrich themselves thanks to Joe's behind-the-scenes machinations.  He has always worked for himself, never for his constituents or the American people.  Much of their family wealth has come from China; President Trump is right when he says Biden is owned by China, which explains his refusal to criticize, let alone condemn, that country's ongoing attempt to take over the planet by undermining the West.  Neither Biden nor Harris spoke out against the riots across the nation that were organized and paid for by the leaders of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, all members of which are their supporters, until the polls revealed that most people have been horrified by the violence, theft, and murder.  That was a week ago, after billions of dollars in damage, devastated cities, and ruined lives.  Biden and Harris have made common cause with the Marxists who are pulling the strings of BLM and Antifa, but Joe may very well be unaware of this.  He is a front for the party's most radical puppetmasters, most especially George Soros.

Joe refuses to provide a list of people he would consider for the Supreme Court.  He went so far as to say voters don't deserve to know whom he would appoint until he is elected.  He was against the Democrats' plan to add justices to the SCOTUS; now he refuses to answer that question when asked.  This is a plan so absurd that the mere fact of the Democrats threatening to do it shows how frantic they are.  They are flailing.

Like so many other days, Biden's campaign on Tuesday called a "lid" early in the day, which means he would not be appearing anywhere.  Will he show up for the debate on the 29th?  As Trump mused, perhaps there is a shot of something that can bring him around, and he can perform, but he will have a hard time competing with the president who has energy to spare and prodigious knowledge of any issue that is likely to be addressed. 

As for COVID, it is the virus the left has embraced with an ardor only totalitarians could muster.  For the Democrats, it has been manna from Heaven.  It has provided Democrat governors and mayors around the nation an excuse to unleash the petty tyrant within.  Rather than quarantine the vulnerable, they have relished their power to shut healthy people in their homes and out of their businesses, all in the name of "pandemic."  Yes, it is a pandemic, but healthy people, especially young people, are not at risk.  But masks are mandated, schools remain closed, religious gatherings banned, gyms shuttered.  The exception to these rules is the protest demonstrations of BLM and Antifa, no matter how violent they become.  It's a scam, a leftist scam to promote fear and divisiveness among the American people.  Joe's confusion as to the number of people who have died only adds to the certainty of his failing mind, as does his insistence that if it were not for President Trump's handling of the crisis, no one would have died! 

The Democrat hysteria of the day is the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Trump's constitutional right and duty to fill her seat on the Supreme Court.  If, as many suspect and hope, he selects Amy Coney Barrett, the left's vicious anti-Christian mindset is likely to create problems, as Biden is trying to redeem himself by touting his "Catholic faith."  NPR is only too happy to puff him up in this regard.  This is not going to fly as long as he supports abortion up until the moment of birth.  He was banned from taking Communion in South Carolina because of his pro-abortion stance.  Nancy Pelosi too pretends to be a Catholic.  In her dreams.  There is not a single Christian tenet by which she conducts her life or her office as speaker of the House.

It will be interesting to watch how the Democrats conduct themselves in the coming battle they are going to lose.  Will even one of them have a bit of class?  We shall see.  Doubtful.

Most of Biden's contributions have come from billionaires, while most of Trump's have come from small donors who actually vote.  Trump's rallies are attended by thousands; Biden's appearances are attended by fewer than a dozen.  There is a line in the Frasier episode where Niles tells the liberal candidate that he and Frasier are supporting: "The Crane family has a long history of political involvement.  My wife Maris has all her servants down at your headquarters licking envelopes."  That pretty much sums up the Democrat party today.  It is the party of the Wall Street rich and corporate, the elitist and authoritarian, the folks for whom the word "ethics" has no meaning.  They know that, if elected, Joe Biden will do their bidding as directed.  All those actual voters who show up and support Trump know he will do their bidding.  He has proven he can and will keep his promises.  The Trump-deranged aside, Americans are not going to elect the feeble and senescent Joe Biden.  He's toast as surely as Frasier's abducted-by-aliens candidate was toast.

Image: Kelly Kline via Flickr.

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