Is this the best Trump parade of all?

Did anyone ever expect that parades — of bikers, of trucks, of boats among other vehicles — would turn out to be a popular vehicle for Trump-supporters expressing their enthusiasm for re-electing the president?  I know of no evidence at all that there was any guiding hand orchestrating the rallies that seem to have organically popped up all over the country.  

We do know that Trump-haters hate them.  A member of a truck parade in Portland was assassinated, after all.

But Don Surber, for whose political analysis I have the highest regard, has flatly declared that the following parade is "the best parade of all," and who am I to dispute his judgment?

The Amish people of America are renowned for their forthright values and insistence on living a simple and virtuous life, even in the face of temptation. That a group of them would turn out for President Trump, a man for whom self-restraint and abstemiousness are not known as prominent characteristics, tells me that his accomplishments, not his style, are what matter most.  There is food for thought here.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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