Cashill novel nails the future โ€“ again!

A good read that gets progressively better as it goes, The Hunt is a traditional thriller but also a reflection of the battle of the two worldviews we see playing out in the political landscape and current events of our own culture. The Hunt is a story about a pair of high school–age brothers from Kansas who, along with their father, a former Special Forces operative, are on their way to hunt elk in the mountains of Colorado.  Upon their arrival, they end up clashing with a pair of fatherless young brothers from the Northeast, radical anarchists Moom and Pel Adams, who have teamed up with Chechen terrorists to shoot down the president's plane during his arrival at an upcoming G-8 summit. When Cashill and McMullen (full disclosure, McMullen is a friend) started talking about writing The Hunt a few years back, they anticipated that radical leftists like these characters would one day tire of street theater and move to direct action.  If anything, they...(Read Full Post)
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