Biden's speech about Supreme Court appointments is appalling

Biden finally emerged to eulogize Justice Ginsburg for three minutes and then gave a disturbing political speech.  The many gaffes are noteworthy because they speak to his declining intelligence, but it was the speech's content that should worry Americans.  His handlers wrote a speech that rejects the constitutional balance of power, denies this summer's violence, and openly lies.

When the speech opens with a long shot, Biden and no visible teleprompters.  During those first 20 seconds, he sounds weak and tentative.  Then the camera tightens on his face, and he perks up.  It's obvious that he now has a teleprompter from which to read:

When Biden reads a longish quotation from Lindsey Graham in 2016, about Supreme Court nominations in election years, Biden reads the instruction — "Quote verbatim" and "Continue the quote" — and then leans forward and squints to read the text still scrolling before him:

Incidentally, Sen. Graham has since walked back that language.  The savagery of the Democrats' attack on Justice Kavanaugh in 2018 showed him that Democrats don't play by the rules.  "After [Brett] Kavanaugh," he said, "the rules have changed as far as I'm concerned."

Biden misreads the teleprompter, saying that by the time he ended his speech, 200,000,000 Americans (60% of the population) would have died from the Wuhan virus:

There's another teleprompter stumble when Biden talks about the "challenging climate" before correcting himself to "changing climate."  Listen to Biden stumble and slur his way to that misreading:

Biden is frail and shows declining mental competence.  He's always been an empty vessel, which is why he deliberately plagiarized others.  Now, though, he's an empty vessel who reads whatever words float by him on the screen.  He is Ron Burgundy (language warning):

Biden has a constitutionally dangerous vision of the relationship between the Supreme Court and Congress.  When Biden goes through the laundry list of all that's at stake if he's denied the chance to nominate the next justice, everything he lists is something the Legislature should be addressing.  Biden and his handlers want the Supreme Court to function as a "super-legislature," staffed with people who are unaccountable to the voters and who will impose their leftist vision on issues that the American people refused to allow Congress to pass:

Biden also repeatedly argues that people who choose to use early voting will be deprived of their right to have a say about the Republicans' choices over the coming week, effectively depriving them of their constitutional rights to have full information when they vote.  However, early voters chose — and are still choosing — to risk that later events could make them regret their choice.

And then there are the many substantive lies: Biden dishonestly asserts that Sen. Mitch McConnell lied in 2016 when he said Biden had claimed in the past that there should be no nomination to the court in an election year:

That's a lie.  On June 25, 1992, Biden said in the Senate, "President Bush should consider following the practice of a majority of his predecessors and not, and not name a nominee until after the November election is completed."  He added that the Senate Judiciary Committee should "seriously consider not scheduling confirmations hearings on the nomination until after the political campaign season is over."

Biden also lied about the "McConnell Rule."  According to Biden, McConnell said no Senate hearings should take place in election years, making McConnell a hypocrite today:

The truth is that McConnell said that there should be no nominations when the White House and the Senate represent two different parties, which shows that the American people have not given a mandate to either party.

In 2018, after the appalling Kavanaugh hearing, Trump made judicial appointments one of the centerpieces of his campaign.  Americans gave the House to the Democrats but maintained a Republican Senate.  This showed that they wanted Republicans to be responsible for judicial appointments until the end of the Senate term in January.

Biden lied when he said the Trump campaign asked him for a list of potential Supreme Court nominees only after Ginsburg died.  Even CNN says, "This is just wrong."  CNN also acknowledges that Biden got it wrong when he said the Supreme Court would not be in session until after the election.  The court session begins on October 5.

Biden said that Trump's and the Republicans' abuse of power needs to be de-escalated and that we need to cool the flames that have engulfed the country.  It's as if he is unaware that, since May 26, Black Lives Matter, which is the Democrat party's Marxist ideological arm, and Antifa, which is its anarchist paramilitary wing, have terrorized the country with riots, looting, burning; shooting; and perhapsvia a Canadian comrade, attempting to assassinate President Trump:

For 23 minutes, Biden gave a speech that is a microcosm of everything he and the Democrat party represent.  Biden is a mindless puppet, reading exhortations from a screen.  The words his handlers wrote for him are dishonest and delusional, and, worst of all, they reject the constitutional balance of power.  The speech is open about the fact that the Democrats see the court — nine unelected left-wing individuals — making the laws that the people's Congress will not.

Image: Biden speaking in Philadelphia about Ginsburg's death.  C-SPAN screen grab.

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