Another judge goes super-political

In 2017, the Texas Legislature eliminated the straight party voting option effective in 2020.

A couple of days ago, a federal judge in Texas intervened.  This is from the Texas Tribune:

In a ruling issued late Friday, U.S. District Judge Marina Garcia Marmolejo cited the coronavirus pandemic, saying the elimination of the voting practice would "cause irreparable injury" to voters "by creating mass lines at the polls and increasing the amount of time voters are exposed to COVID-19."

Marmolejo also found that the GOP-backed law would "impose a discriminatory burden" on black and Hispanic voters and "create comparatively less opportunities for these voters to participate in the political process."

She acknowledged the burden the decision could put on local and state election officials, who will have to recalibrate voting machines or reprint ballots. But she reasoned that the potential harm for those suing, including the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, was "outweighed by the inconveniences resulting."

Attorney General Ken Paxton will appeal the ruling, and let's hope he is successful.

First, where does a judge get the authority to overturn a law passed by the Legislature?

Second, where is the evidence that this law would hurt black and Hispanic voters?

Once again, we see a judge who does not understand her job.  Judge Garcia-Marmolejo should quit the bench and run for the Texas Legislature.  She has no business legislating from the bench.

Do you understand now why so many of us love what President Trump is doing with the Judiciary?  Activist judges like Garcia-Marmolejo need to be stopped.

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Image: Nicolas Raymond.