Strange times in New York City

It's strange times in New York City.  COVID — and confused government policies — has commercial buildings desolate in Manhattan.  Few are returning to work in their offices despite politicians proclaiming otherwise.  Restaurants can open for food but not for drinks.  Gatherings are forbidden — unless it is to protest.  Crime is through the roof, months after elected officials allowed looting and forced police to turn a blind eye. The Hamptons — where I write this from — is filled with business-owners and CEOs in no rush to return to Manhattan.  As the Partnership for NYC president, Kathryn Wylde, rightly said in an interview this week, wealthy New Yorkers who fled the city during the coronavirus crisis "don't want to come back."  The top one percent of earners currently account for 40 percent of New York state tax revenue, according...(Read Full Post)
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