Personal vs. political: Kellyanne Conway makes another tough right choice

Kellyanne Conway is an amazing talent and trusted adviser to President Trump, who has moved mountains to make his presidency successful.  Whenever he needs to focus on the important things, and de-sharpen the rough edges, she seems to have been the one to have gotten it done.  She's someone who can tell him "no," and when she's in charge, his poll numbers rise.  She's a tough New Jersey girl, not at all afraid of Trump, who's probably not the easiest guy to work for, and he clearly respects her and all she does.  We saw that in the 2016 campaign, which she steered to victory, and we were hoping to see it in 2020, too. 

So it's sad that she's leaving the Trump administration.  It's hard to see anyone else out there good enough to replace her.  But she's leaving, and she's doing it for the sake of her family.  In her farewell note, she concluded:

This is completely my choice and my voice. In time, I will announce future plans. For now, and for my beloved children, it will be less drama, more mama.

Because she's also a person, and what's a person without a family? 

Sadly, her family life appeared to be a total disaster, based on what was seen on Twitter.

She's got one hell of a family, whom she obviously loves, and wisely made the choice to put them first, sacrificing a helluva lot of national prominence because true love often calls for sacrifice. 

The husband, George, is a loudmouth NeverTrump who rabidly hates Trump after not getting the lawyer job he wanted in the Trump administration.  He's since founded the "Lincoln Project" to get Joe Biden elected.  He spends his time writing op-eds against Trump in the Washington Post.  It's stunning stuff because normal people would support their successful wives.  Not him.  His thing is to humiliate his wife.

The daughter, Claudia, a teenager, and one of four kids, is even more inclined to act out.  She's out posting Kardashian-like sexy selfies with lots of professional lighting and heavy makeup — a lot of these selfies, a teenager thing, but also a sign of narcissism, not remarkable in itself, given that so many teenagers do it.  But she's also putting herself out loudly in tweets against President Trump, too, urging votes against Trump and for the left-wingers, begging to be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's intern,, and drawing a lot of media attention that she seems to want.  She tweets that her mom's job "ruined my life to begin with," she declared she wanted "emancipation" from her parents, she said she had lots of ugly things in store for them because she was "DEVASTATED" that her mom was speaking before the GOP convention this week.  She openly declared that her childhood was full of "years of childhood trauma and abuse."  No sparing her mom's feelings there, either, and yes, given that she said she had a "best friend" relationship with her mom in June, her claims look a little dubious.

Against these two, it had to have been hell for Kellyanne, who has shown nothing but class in wake of this whole familial failure to support her.  Happy families encourage each other.  These people didn't.

For months, it's been kind of shocking.  How did these people live with each other?  Yes, red-sauce Italians and fighting Irish can be kind of direct and loud in their cultural and familial interactions, and Kellyanne is a working-class Italian-Irish American, but this seemed like some kind of nightmarish twist on reality TV, except that it was real people's real lives.  It reminded me of Paris Jackson's meltdowns, and the only thing one could really have in such a fame-drenched reality-TV social media situation is pity.

We saw some kind of sign of displeasure from both the parents in where this was going, when both asked the press to stop exploiting Claudia a few weeks ago.  It was a tough situation, given that the daughter wanted the attention and was saying attention-worthy things and apparently they couldn't control her.  The tabloid press certainly didn't pay attention.

Now Kellyanne and her husband have gotten a much stronger grip — they've made a mutual decision to back out of politics and work on being a family.  According to Trish Regan's site:

In her statement, Ms. Conway says of her husband, "We disagree about plenty but we are united on what matters most: the kids." She continued, writing, "Our four children are teens and 'tweens starting a new academic year, in middle school and high school, remotely working from home for at least a few months. As millions of parent nationwide know, kids 'doing school from home' requires a level of attention of vigilance that is as unusual as these times."

The personal, it seems, is not the same as the political, contrary to what the lefties say.  The Trump era has been characterized by leftists repudiating their longtime Republican friends and relatives, as if in civil war, all because to them the personal is political.  It's happened to many of us, and up until now, it looked as though it was going to happen to them.

That's too steep a cost, and Kellyanne in her continued good judgment said "no."  Their family looked as though it was headed for a breakup — because of social media, an evil thing in this context, indeed.  No politics is worth that.  What is a person without a family?  Of what value is working in even the White House if you lose all those you know and love around you?  Lefties, particularly the Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries, think the political is paramount, but not the normal people. 

Kellyanne was right to make this decision, even as it's sad for the country.  It's basically a conservative thing to do, conserving a family first.  In her statement, here, the personal is personal, and the political is political.

Her family will benefit from her wise counsel just as President Trump did, because they clearly were calling for that attention.  One can only wish them all well and hope they all heal.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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