The remodeled White House rose garden drives Democrats mad

In 1964, Joanne Greenberg published a semi-autobiographical novel, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, about her stay in an insane asylum.  Almost 60 years later, American leftists have once again brought together the concept of rose gardens and insanity.

In this modern iteration, the insanity trigger is First Lady Melania Trump's rose garden renovation (using privately donated funds).  Woodrow Wilson's first wife, Ellen, first planted the garden in 1913.  It remained untouched until 1961, when Jackie Kennedy redesigned it.

In July, Melanie announced the planned renovation, one that was more than respectful of Jackie Kennedy's version:

The renovations in the half-acre verdant expanse — which is about 125 feet long and 60 feet wide — will include electrical upgrades for TV appearances, a new walkway and new flowers and shrubs, according to The Times.

Melania plans to make the garden more resemble the original design of the site established by President John F. Kennedy, and implemented in 1962 by philanthropist and horticulturist Rachel "Bunny" Mellon, CNN reported.


A limestone walkway will be added to the inner perimeter of the garden, crab apple trees will be replaced with white rose shrubs, and new drainage systems will be installed, according to a landscape report submitted by the preservation committee and shared with The Times.

White "JFK" and pale pink "peace" roses also will be planted, the outlet reported.

By the time of the unveiling, the garden reflected a few more changes that again looked to the past for inspiration:

Trump's changes include the restoration of the original diamond-shaped boxwood hedges and the installation of new rose bushes to honor the space's history. The floral display includes cream-colored "JFK" roses, light yellow "Peace" roses, and the stark white "Pope John Paul II" rose to commemorate the pontiff's visit to the White House in 1979.

If Michelle Obama had done all this, the media and other leftists would have been in raptures.  However, because Melania made the changes, the press and fellow travelers offered up hysteria, ignorance, and xenophobia.  They were lost to all reason.

One of the most risible attacks was to claim that Melania had leeched the garden of color.  This attack arose because Michael Beschloss's tweet showed an image from the spring on the left and the newly refurbished, end-of-summer, beginning-of-autumn garden on the right:

Part of being insane, apparently, means being clueless about the flowers that bloom in the spring:

In addition to bemoaning seasonal issues, Wright also joined others in castigating the Marie Antoinette factor — i.e., redoing a garden during a time when Democrats are running around screaming, "We're all going to die!"  So much for Melania's plan that the garden would be a sign of hope:

Ana Navarro-Cárdenas, who makes a living on CNN by pretending to be a conservative (who supports only Democrat politicians and platforms), was also outraged about both the timing of the remodel and changes to the trees:

What’s sad about the above craziness emanating from the Democrat end of the spectrum is that these two women sound almost sane compared to some other screams of outrage.

Kurt Eichenwald, a lover of tentacle porn and supporter of illegal immigration, issued a tweet (that he later deleted) that was full-bore xenophobic:

I still find it unbelievable that @FLOTUS who has only been a citizen since the middle of GW Bush's second term had the audacity to wreck the Rose Garden, to pull up history dating back a lifetime. These trashy, evil, stupid people need to get out of our house. What GALL she has.

— Kurt Eichenwald (@kurteichenwald) August 22, 2020

Others looked for and found fascism in the First Lady's garden.  This tweet expresses the thinking that the whole thing is a secret nod to the KKK:

Stone lacked the decency to delete his post even after others explained that the hidden “Ks” were there long before Melania came along:

Forty-six years after Greenberg's novel was published, it's clear that the Democrats are once again going to bring together the concepts of rose gardens and insanity.  Too bad they can't all be institutionalized until their sanity returns.

Image: President Trump in the White House Rose Garden by White House on Flickr, public domain 1.0.

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