Never give up, never lose faith


Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.'—Isaiah 41:10 (New King James Version)

Do not fear.  Do not lose faith, and do not give up on fighting for America.  Believe it or not, there are more of us patriotic Americans than leftist socialists, anarchists, and thugs.  We have a media establishment, however, that does not want us to know that.

Three words open the Preamble of the Constitution: "We the People." 

These three words are what make the United States of America unique in the world and in the annals of history.  We the people are the source of power in this country, not the other way around.  The elites on both sides of the political aisle have grown smug with their power, believing they are entitled to rule over others.  That is not America and never has been America.

The Declaration of Independence made it clear that we are endowed with unalienable rights that come from God, not from man and, as a result, cannot be taken away.  The Declaration of Independence also decreed that government derives its power from the consent of the governed...the people.

Over the past century, there has been an ongoing march by an elite bent on dominating the people of this country.

In this effort, they have taken public education, which was originally intended to educate the citizenry about the importance of maintaining our form of government, and weaponized it as an armament of ignorance.

Instead of viewing America as a beacon of liberty, at least two generations of people now see America as the cause of all evil in the world.  This, thanks to the American public education system.  It is not for nothing that the left has made it a goal the past 50 years to not only infiltrate, but dominate academia, journalism, entertainment, and religion.  The goal was simple: dumb down the American mind.

Through this subterfuge, at least two generations of people have been shaped and conditioned for groupthink with the belief that conventional wisdom is a substitute for knowledge.  The advantage the left had up to now was that the takeover was subtle, in the span of little steps over a half-century.

Now, with the prize of a subjugated America in view, the left has become overt in everything it does.  Not only have leftists gone full Marxist, but they are openly encouraging violence against President Trump and his supporters as exemplified by speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently calling Trump and his supporters "enemies of the state."  Plain and simple, Pelosi's rhetoric is a call to violence — a dog whistle to the terrorist thugs who have been weaponized by the Democrat Party.

Desperation is the fuel of the left.  Desperate people are dangerous and cannot be trusted with power.

Hatred for President Trump has consumed the elites and has forced their hand.  NeverTrump Republicans, desperately seeking relevancy, are not only stabbing the president in the back at every opportunity, but spitting in the face of conservative Republicans who support the president.  To think that betrayal will propel them back to their lofty places of influence in the Republican Party is the height of folly.

Hatred has a way clouding one's thinking and rotting a person from the inside out.  The left has no love in its collective heart.  If it did, leftists would not viciously condemn a majority of Americans for rejecting them and encouraging violence and terror against these same people.  Love is not lying and slandering your fellow man because he belongs to an opposing political party.  Love is not the embrace of only those who agree with you while loathing those who do not.  Love of country does not mean fanning the flames of rage by constantly reliving past sins as if they are continuing today.  Hatred has no long-suffering strength, only rage-filled weakness. 

Patriotic Americans will win this battle in 2020 and beyond because they have love in their hearts: love for their families, love for their communities, and love for the country.  Courage and steadfastness arise out of love.  True love comes from God.  Patriotic Americans love the Lord because they know He is the supreme source of all of our blessings.  We know we will win only if we seek God first through prayer and petition.

We look at leftists, and we see the bitter fruits of godlessness: lies, wrath, lawlessness, and arrogant ignorance.  We understand that leaders devoid of a sincere fear of God are at best ineffective and at worst despotic.

The left is operating from a standpoint of lies.  Television shows us images that depict America coming apart at the seams.  Godly wisdom and discernment informs us that that this is not the reality.  Blue cities are not devolving into hellish areas because of America or Donald Trump, but because of scheming Democrat mayors and governors who place party loyalty above the needs of their constituents.  These are not leaders who humbly serve, but leaders who haughtily demand allegiance.

God has revealed the level and scope of corruption surrounding us in all levels of government and in both political parties. I believe God is using President Trump as a lightning rod to bring this rapacious dishonesty into the light. The left is showing us the ugly face of lawlessness and duplicitous Republicans have become the embodiment of Edmund Burke's famous quote: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Thankfully, good American men and women are not just standing by and doing nothing. They are mobilizing, sounding a clarion call to their countrymen and supporting the president. All this in the face of opposition from leftist-dominated media. These are average people who have become woke regarding the corruption in our midst. A woke American majority is a clear and present danger to the elites on both sides of the political aisle and it scares the hell out of them.

We, as patriotic Americans, must steel our spines and dedicate ourselves to not giving up in the days leading to the election. Do not give in to fear or futility, which is what the Democrats want us to do. We must also understand that our battle is not just against Democrats but against globalists who want to do away with the entire concept of the nation-state.   Democrat power brokers and brain trust are merely puppets who parrot the lines given to them by their globalist handlers.

The stakes of this 2020 presidential election could not be starker. Our side believes in liberty, truth and goodness while the forces of the left believe in oppression, lies and intimidation.  Let us overwhelmingly prove on November 3, that there are more of us than them.  

Dex Bahr is the author of the book,  No Christian Man is an Island. He is also a freelance writer and lecturer.

Image credit: Pixabay public domain.

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