Is it time to take the Electoral College down to the state level?

The whole purpose of the Electoral College is that everyone in the United States has a say in who becomes president, not just the population centers.  According to "Why was the Electoral College Created?" at, the Electoral College was a compromise among the delegates at the 1787 Constitutional Convention.  One group wanted Congress to elect the president, and one group wanted the popular vote to elect the president.  As the delegates had just concluded a hard fought battle to become self-governing, they were very much against a strong central government.  The Electoral College has served us well for over 200 years, and I say now is the time for states to implement it for presidential and statewide elections, too.

Currently, population centers in many states — New York, Illinois, Georgia, Virginia, and California, just to name a few — can sway the vote for one presidential or statewide candidate (governor, senator), giving that state to that candidate even though the other candidate won the majority of the counties in that state.

By implementing the Electoral College down to the state level, each county would get a vote or point.  The candidate who wins the majority of the points would then win the state, just as they do in the national Electoral College.  There are various ways a tie could be broken, but the point is that with this system, every voter in the state would count.  In some states, the population centers are so populated that they have more people in them than the rest of the state, and that state ends up being controlled by those population centers.  I would especially like to see this implemented in my state of Texas before Austin, Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth get too populated.

Politicians at the state and national levels may not like this solution because it would force them to campaign in more areas of the state in order to get the vote.  But that is a discussion for another day.

Taking the Electoral College down to the state level for all presidential and statewide elections, like the national Electoral College, would give all voters across the state a voice.

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