Laura Loomer worries Democrats

It's amazing to Republicans that the pundits of such leftist media giants as CNN, The New Yorker, the Washington Post, CBS News, Esquire, Politico, USA Today, and Vice evidence any knowledge of the Madison Avenue truism "There's no such thing as bad publicity" when they all simultaneously (and at the same time) dig their teeth into Laura Loomer. Laura Loomer is a 27-year-old woman whose primary victory over five other South Florida Republicans will have her face off against Lois Frankel, a tired four-term 72-year-old Democrat incumbent.  The district is heavily Democrat, and Loomer's chances of winning the seat were slim because of her political inexperience, youth, and lack of name recognition. But that was until the aforementioned media got into the act by labeling Loomer "Islamophobic," "a conspiracist," "a believer of law and order," "a loyal Trumper," and "a...(Read Full Post)
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