Hispanics and Trump in Texas

The latest Texas poll shows President Trump up by 7 and Senator Cornyn by 8.

I'm not surprised by those numbers, but the information about Hispanics is very interesting:  

Among Hispanic voters who spoke Spanis h at home either predominantly or equally with English, Biden was the clear favorite, particularly in Spanish-only homes. 

But in homes where Hispanics spoke mostly English, Trump had a slight lead of 43.6% to 43.1% with 12.2% of those voters undecided."

It's a poll, and let's always be cautious and skeptical.

Nevertheless, this poll is very interesting and tells me two things:

First, Hispanics who speak Spanish are likely to get their news from the anti-Trump Spanish-speaking press.  On the other hand, Hispanics who speak English are probably listening to talk radio or mainstream networks.  I find that those Hispanics are not obsessed with the immigration issue.

Second, it tells me that Hispanics are open to GOP ideas, from school choice to law and order and opposition to late-term abortion.

We will see in November, but Hispanics will surprise the Democrats.

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