How do we explain Republicans who support Biden?

I personally know some Republicans who now support Biden for president.  Mind you, these are people who vigorously opposed Obama's ruinous depredations of the American economy for eight solid years.  They ranted against his treacherous Iran deal.  They decried his open borders policy.  They voted for McCain/Palin and then, four years later, for Romney/Ryan.  Finally, they rooted for one or the other of the Republican contenders in the 2016 primaries — any of them, that is, except Donald Trump.  All the while, they excoriated the Clintons for their corruption and duplicity.  

Then something mysterious happened.  When Trump was nominated, these supposedly staunchly conservative Republicans seem to have voted, in 2016, for Hillary Clinton, the woman whom they would have fiercely opposed had the Republican nominee been Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, or anybody but Trump.  

Nothing Trump did, as president, softened their disdain for the man, even though he revived the American economy, canceled the Iran giveaway, and decreased illegal immigration to the extent that any president could, despite being opposed every step of the way, including by Republicans, even his own White House staff.  Trump did everything the RINOs had said they wanted and the opposite of what Hillary would have done.  

Even today, they castigate Trump, not for what he is doing, but for how the liberal media twist their reporting to make it seem that he is a racist, a Hitler, or the devil himself.  In their view, Trump has done nothing right and everything wrong.   

Had Hillary Clinton won the election, we would have no idea, none, of the depth and extent of official corruption at the DoJ, the FBI, the CIA, and other agencies — because Hillary Clinton was fully involved in the corruption.  So was Obama, and so was the new political god of the left, Joe Biden.  One shudders to think of how much worse it would be today had Clinton been elected.   

If Kamala Harris ever becomes president, she will be no less corrupt, and certainly no less radical.  Biden/Harris will seal the records of dark state crimes, and the misdeeds will continue even worse than before.  

It is as if the Royal Astronomical Society suddenly decided to promote the Flat Earth Theory.  Photographs of the Earth from orbit, from the moon, and from even greater distances than that, would be ignored.  Gravitation theory would be replaced by the fantasy of upward thrust of the round disc of the flat earth.  The rising and setting of the sun at different hours at different locations would in no way dissuade them from their ideas.  Tides, precession, and a plethora of evidence for our global planet would be discredited.  

That is how illogical it is for supposed opponents of the radical left, spineless RINOs, to support the Biden/Harris ticket.  

Yet there it is.  There they are.  It's happening.  Their loyalties are to themselves, and as far as they are concerned, you and your nation be damned.  

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