The 'peaceful' protesters' creed

If you don't do what we want we will make you miserable.

The "peaceful" protesters, in cities such as Portland and Seattle, don't advocate violence, for the sake of argument, nor do they condone violence, so they say.

But, of course, they facilitate violence.  Who would sign on to such malfeasance?  Answer: people who enjoy other people's businesses and lives sacrificed for some higher good.  Yes, enjoy, or why else indulge in the mayhem their protests create?

What is this higher good?  I gather it is the elimination of systemic racism, colonialism, misogyny, racial injustice, xenophobia, homophobia, violence, brutality, and inequality of income.

The rub is this.  The whole shtick is getting pretty boring.  Who even knows what misogyny is?  Colonialism?

But, for the sake of argument, assume that all those things exist.  What is proposed?

Well, first and foremost, wear a mask.  Second, burn down businesses; beat up cops.  At least that seems to be what the protesters in Portland are striving for.

I think what is proposed is a prison.  Where goodies are parceled out to reward and punish behavior.  That's right, a behavior prison.

And who would be in such prisons?  Easy: We would let the media decide. 

What the heck, we don't need courts anymore.  We have the fake media.

And, natch, the lamestream protesters.

And who would be in charge of such prisons?  Why, that would be the many legislators who come to office with nothing and retire with millions, with large mansions, in Hawaii, San Francisco, and elsewhere.

After all, if you don't do what they want, they will make everyone miserable.

And that is not boring.

Image credit: Joe Frazier Photo via WikipediaCC BY-SA 2.0.

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