America is becoming a nation of tattletales

One of the disturbing aspects of our five-month-long descent into Wuhan virus madness is that Americans are becoming a nation of tattletales. Too many people are responding with alacrity when their local government tells them to report their fellow citizens for violating executive orders of dubious practical or legal merit. We tend to think of tattletales in a negative light. In the schoolyard, being a tattletale is a social crime. Children instinctively feel that the tattler isn’t telling information to preserve the other children’s wellbeing. The tattling is, instead, one of the ways unlikable children ingratiate themselves with the adults in charge. At a more extreme level, totalitarian states deliberately create a climate of fear in which neighbors and even family members spy on each other to protect themselves. It is one of the vilest ways in which despots maintain power. In Wuhan virus America, governing entities are telling people to tattle on each other for...(Read Full Post)
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