Watching a BLM riot develop in real time

Conservatives have been saying a few consistent things about the Black Lives Matter movement: it's not about black lives, which we can see because of its disinterest in inner-city black-on-black killings, its indifference to the slaughter of black children born and unborn, and its silence about black police officers who've been killed.  Because America has social and economic mobility, Marxists had to find a different incendiary issue, which, in America, is race.  And of course, the BLM foot soldiers are primarily made up of college-educated white students, primarily women, who have drunk deeply from the Marxist swill their professors offer them. Each of those truths about the Black Lives Matter movement is perfectly highlighted in a video that Damani Felder, a black conservative in Texas, posted to Instagram on Monday.  Felder was dining with friends at an outdoor venue next to an open plaza in Dallas, Texas.  As he repeatedly...(Read Full Post)
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