Trump resets the election

The N.Y. Times called President Trump's Mt. Rushmore Independence Day address "leaning into the culture wars." For once the Times got a story right, although its characterization wasn't intended to be a compliment.  The Times believes that its Leninist/Maoist cultural revolution is just; any attempt at attenuating it is immoral. At Mt. Rushmore, Trump surrounded the Democrats with a culture war siege that will rival Grant's siege of Vicksburg in 1863. YouTube screen grab. Trump let COVID-19 public health bullies paralyze the country, and cripple his presidency, but he knew that COVID-19 would pass soon enough.  Trump is among us who believed that the majority of Americans would shake off the irrational anxiety over how the virus-phobia has interrupted their lives and livelihoods.  We just didn't think their somnolence would be slapped awake by the Democrats' war against them, in the streets, in the corporate...(Read Full Post)
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