The Fourth and our Founders

The Fourth of July is a day all Americans should pause and give thanks for the Founding of America.  At the rate that those from all over the world have come and want to come here, other parts of the world should also give thanks.  Although we never asked for their gratitude, the Free World should also give thanks to the founding of America, for without it, fascism and communism would have won two world wars and two other wars.  America was founded on freedom of religion, not from religion, as some seem to wish.  Many have died to protect this freedom and the other inalienable rights reserved to us by our Declaration of Independence and finally our Constitution.  There is nothing wrong with celebrating America's birth, any more so than would be celebrating the birthdays of our children and others.  Today, we have groups who are attacking our Founders on the grounds they owned slaves at the time.  That was over...(Read Full Post)
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