Not dying is bad for headlines

As the bumpy COVID-19 path back to normalcy bounces along, you would never know that we were headed in the right direction.  Teasers on television and headlines in newspapers report a "surge" in new cases of COVID-19 and hospitalizations.  The teasers and headlines fail to mention that the most important measure of our progress in getting ahead of the virus is the number of deaths recorded.  The fact that the rate of fatalities to infection is very low now is seldom if ever mentioned. After weeks of unnecessarily shutting down our economy and the travesty of closing schools, it was certain that cases of COVID-19 would spike as we reopened society — duh.  When the massive protests and riots around the county over the succeeding weeks are taken into consideration, there ought to be no surprise that cases are increasing.  It is important to remember that the purpose of "flattening the curve" was to delay cases...(Read Full Post)
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