Take a knee against divisiveness

Commissioner Roger Goodell has officially put the National Football League squarely in the Black Li(v)es Matter camp.  The league is going to play the supposed "black national anthem" before every week 1 game.

Fortunately, I stopped watching football — pro and college — years ago when I finally realized it had been hijacked by a bunch of drugged-up, tatted-up thugs who prance around like buffoons after every play.

But this decision by Goodell — and, therefore, the owners of every team — is disastrous.  This action of playing separate anthems clearly states that the NFL recognizes America as a completely divided country — one black and one that includes everyone else.  By extension, any broadcast station that transmits the games, any company that advertises during the games, and anyone who watches or listens to the games is also recognizing America as a completely divided country.

Interestingly, this is the complete opposite of the progressive agenda of "diversity" and "inclusion" (two words I've come to loathe over the past few years).  This is all about uniformity and exclusion.  Separate but equal.

This is not America.

Will one or more NFL players have the resolve to say "NO" to this travesty?  Will one or more players have the intelligence to realize that playing a separate anthem along with the American National Anthem is divisive?  Will one or more players have the guts to protest this divisiveness by sitting or taking a knee during the so-called black national anthem?

Probably not.  Recently, we've seen how truly spineless those who make a living through football really are.

Drew Brees originally came out against NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem.  "I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country."  Pretty reasonable statement.  But not for the social justice warriors, who scolded Brees on social media for his comment (oh my, how horrible!).  So, like the coward he obviously is, Brees quickly surrendered to groupthink with a nauseating apology.

Then there's the case of Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy.  He wore a One America News Network shirt.  That's it!  A shirt!  Yet one of his whiny, snowflake college players was upset by it.  So Gundy showed us what he's made of.  He quickly prostrated himself before the altar of progressivism and pleaded forgiveness for his offending clothes closet.

Do I expect any player to take a knee to protest the divisiveness of playing two national anthems during week 1 of the NFL season?  No.  We already know the players and coaches are wimps.

Hey, Goodell!  To further make sure no one's itty-bitty feelings are hurt this season, maybe you should start playing games where no score is kept and everyone's a winner!

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