Stay on message, Mr. President

It was a great weekend for President Trump and his re-election effort.  He is on course now and should stick to the patriotic themes from the Mt. Rushmore speech.

It's obvious that the voters are done with the protesters and attacks on statues.  According to Rasmussen, 75% of likely U.S. voters do not believe that Mount Rushmore should be closed or that statues to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson should be removed.

In other words, three out of four agree with President Trump.

The president should talk about this and stop tweeting about CNN.  The network is averaging 1.19 million viewers per hour and 1.81 million in primetime.  President Trump's tweets only give CNN the outreach it can't get on its own.  Ignore those people, because they are not a factor.

The events on the ground are also confirming the terrible consequences of letting criminals burn your city or vandalize statues.  Over the weekend, shootings were up in Atlanta, New York City, and of course Chicago.  It's nice to hear the mayor of Atlanta call out the latest shooting, but she is a bit late.  She backstabbed the police two weeks ago, and now her city is in a lawless state.

President Trump should remind the African-Americans, Hispanics, and immigrants in blue cities that their Democrat leaders did not defend them from the mobs. Instead, they were talking about removing statues or repeating slogans. 

Last, but not least, force Joe Biden to address these issues.  So far, he has danced around the issue because of divisions in the party.

I feel better about President Trump's re-election this morning.  He can do it, but he has to stay on message because he has a better message, and the economic news was encouraging.

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