It's Michelle Obama and always has been

Whenever the news cycle runs a bit slow, pundits from left and right become atwitter over the possibilities for Joe Biden's female and preferably minority running mate.  We have seen the analyses ad nauseam: too-old-too-white Elizabeth Warren, inexperienced Stacey Abrams, unpopular Gretchen Whitmer, too-tough ex-prosecutors Amy Klobuchar and Kamala Harris, and on and on.  All the possible choices have significant issues.  The one minority female left is Michelle Obama.

Michelle is revered by both the moderate and socialist wings of the Democrat Party.  Together with husband Barack, she brings White House experience to the V.P. job, and she reportedly gets along well with both of the Bidens.  More importantly, she has no strong negatives like the other candidates.  Her harping on America's structural racism, which caused her to disappear from the speaking circuit for a while when Barack was president, rings more true today to many woke Americans.  

My guess is that Old Joe is going through the motions of vetting his V.P. candidates while waiting for Michelle to make up her mind to join his campaign.  As usual, Michelle is waiting for Valerie Jarrett to make the real decision and for her husband to make up his mind ahead of her.  Barack is a notorious procrastinator on key decisions (see OBL), so we should not expect a decision any time soon.

But it will happen.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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