Where have all the commie ba**ards gone, long time passing?

In front of Mt. Rushmore and hitting every high note possible to counter the sickening cancel culture anarchists defiling our country, President Trump gave a rousing, heart-wrenching battle speech.  And a battle it is — for the guts and soul of our great country. 

In addition to swearing to combat and stop the violent anarchists — Marxists, he factually called them — Trump exhorted the cowardly Republicans to stand up and speak out.  Speak out we all must do as well.  Moreover, he condemned the poisonous government school system that has taught our kids to hate our country, thereby erasing all the noble, good, and innovative advances in their memories that America has meant to the world and the incredibly fortunate residents who call America their home. 

There have always been those who want to tear down America — from the Brits to the slave-owners to the communists to the present-day anarchists.  Yet the essence of America has always prevailed. 

For the rest of us who appreciate and love America, it is hard to comprehend this strain of self-hatred.  No other country, it appears, has endured this exaggerated amount of flagellation and abuse for past societal ills that have been countered with billions of dollars in atonement and countless laws redressing past societal mistakes.

Previously, the enemy was easy to identify.  Especially in the more recent past, communism, prior to the fall of the Soviet Union, was dreaded.  The mere term sent shivers through the bodies of the strongest Americans and every effort was taken to stamp and rout them out.  Often, they were referred to as "commie ba**ards."  But that was then. 

Now communism is cloaked in the mantle of social justice — justice for African-Americans, as if they were still enslaved in Southern plantations.  Ignored are the blacks who have made mega-fortunes in Hollywood, TV, music, sports, and  politics.  Not mentioned also are the large and ever-growing black middle and upper classes.  Perhaps they themselves have been too taciturn in shining a spotlight in themselves to disabuse the false narrative.  Poor blacks, and brainwashed ignorant white youths, are pawns being used by the Marxists to bring devastation and chaos in their attempt to destroy America.  All the trappings of dictatorship have already been spun into a cohesive, suffocating web: censorship of speech and thought, attacks on the nuclear family, permissible casual sexual relations, denigration of religion, and the rewriting of American history, with no concomitant recognition of America's many gifts to the world.   

Do these mental midgets ever take into account that if a country allows up to 20 million poor, uneducated illegals to enter its borders, that country is always going to have an underclass of poor, uneducated people in its midst, filled with resentment and anger?

When one hears the howling of the looting mob, and the calls to violence of its leadership, and witnesses the silent complicity of elected Democrat officials, think Marx, Lenin, Mao, Castro.  That's who they really are and what they truly represent.  These people have not learned from the horrors of the past. 

One hopes Trump's Mt. Rushmore stunning, patriotic speech will rouse Republicans sufficiently to stand up to the thugs and stop the mayhem.

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