How BLM supports cop-killers

Black Lives Matter has just learned the hard way that police body cams are there not just to protect civilians and suspects from bad cops, but to protect good cops from suspects and their supporters, including BLM, who falsely accuse cops of excessive use of force.  Hakim Littleton was recently shot dead an instant before he could make a "pig" "oink his last," and BLM is apparently sorry that the cop is not dead in Hakim's place.  The video on this Detroit News page shows clearly that Littleton pulled a handgun from his left pocket, aimed at a cop's head, and fired the weapon at close range.  Littleton was fortunately a bad shot, or we would now have "end of watch" for another police officer. A prosecutor would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the cop's use of deadly force was unlawful to convict him of murder or manslaughter.  The body cam video proves...(Read Full Post)
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