How Biden plans to destroy the suburbs

As we move closer to the November election, the myth of black victimization continues to be fostered by Democrats and their feeble nominee for president.  There was a time in politics when candidates would make insinuations about their opponents' policies or their lack of character.  A Democrat might say his Republican opponent didn't vote for or support a certain type of civil rights legislation while not mentioning that the bill referred to was merely a frivolous attempt at virtue-signaling by radicals within the extreme left.  Even though the bill was doomed to fail in both the House and Senate, the Democrats who voted for it were then on record as compassionate people — the implication being that Republicans are not. However, in 2020, an election year that the left wing must win if its members are to complete their Marxist revolution in the USA, insinuations about opponents are not nearly enough.  Therefore, whenever Joe Biden sticks his head...(Read Full Post)
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