Was Wuhan Covid-19 a Chinese plot?

On Sunday, John Hinderaker posted a commentary titled “Cui Bono,” [‘who benefits?”] voicing his opinion that it was unlikely the Covid-19 pandemic was an accident:

Could the Chinese have deliberately arranged for the worldwide dissemination of the Wuhan virus? Yes, rather easily. They could have created the virus, too, but that isn’t necessary. Once the virus escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan, by means unknown, the rest was probably inevitable.

Considering the unusual structure of Covid-19 for a bat virus and the fact that the Chinese dispatched a veritable army of carriers from Wuhan to the rest of the planet, Mr. Hinderaker’s view seems not at all unreasonable, especially since it coincides with my own! And so, I sprang into action and fired off an email to those unfortunates who reside in my correspondents list to apprise them of this discovery.

You can just imagine the tone of some replies.

The instant and categorical denial of even a possibility of the Covid-19 virus having been deliberately spread around the globe by the Chicoms fails to recognize the inherently devious soul of Communism. The Soviet Communists were labeled the “Masters of Deceit” for good reason.  That moniker was earned in the early 1920s while the Bolsheviks were still in the process of solidifying their hold on the Russian Empire. The mechanism they devised to help accomplish this became known as “The Trust.”

The following description from author Edward Jay Epstein’s online diary conveys the depth and effectiveness of that deception in a 1976 conversation with Raymond Rocca who was Head of Research for James Jesus Angleton, former Chief of CIA Counterintelligence:

…  "The Trust," Rocca explained, lighting up a professorial pipe, was a clandestine organization that operated in the Soviet Union from 1921 to 1928. Its official title was the Monarchist Union of Central Russia. Supposedly, its purpose was to overthrow the Communist regime in Russia and restoring the Czarist Monarchy. Since its headquarters, and cover, was a municipal credit association in downtown Moscow, it became known among anti-communist conspirators outside of Russia as "The Trust."

Anti-communist exiles in Europe first heard of the existence of this resistance organization in September 1921 from a Soviet official named Aleksandrovich Yakushev. On his way to an international lumber conference in Oslo, he slipped away from his delegation and contacted a leader of the anti-Communist movement in Estonia. He explained to him that though he was outwardly working for the Communists, he, and other high officials of the Soviet government, had come to the conclusion that Communism was infeasible in Russia. He also confided that they had formed a group, The Trust. He claimed that it had been so successful in recruiting government officials disillusioned with Communism that it was now the underground equivalent of a government-in-exile, with its members infiltrated in all key ministries, including the secret police. He then asked to be put in touch with other leaders of the anti-Soviet movement abroad, suggesting that The Trust would act as the "service organization" for them inside Russia. It would arrange through its network of collaborators smuggle out whatever secret document these exile groups needed.

Within a year, this offer was relayed to exile groups in Paris, Berlin, Vienna and Helsinki-- and accepted. The exile groups outside of Russia received secret documents on the Soviet economy which they then passed on to Western intelligence services, which paid them handsomely for the information. This triangular trade in secrets-- from The Trust to the exiles to west intelligence -- continued for six years. The Trust also furnished fake passports and visas for exiles to smuggle themselves, or their relatives, in or out of Russia. It also delivered arms and supplies to their partisans. It even contracted to undertake sabotage and assassination missions for them in Moscow and Petrograd. One by one, all the exiled leaders came to accept The Trust. So did the intelligence services of France, Germany, England, Austria, Sweden and Finland.


… "The Trust was not an anti-Soviet organization, it only imitated one." In reality, he continued, the Trust was a creature of the Soviet secret police. Its purpose was not to overthrow Communism, but to manipulate real anti-communist organizations into misleading the West.


The deception succeeded in neutralizing most of the anti-Communist exile groups, and luring back into the Soviet Union leading anti-Communists, such as Sydney Reilly and Boris Savinkov, who were arrested, given show trials and executed. As an added bonus, it earned enough money from the sale of secrets to eleven western intelligence services to finance all the activities of Soviet intelligence for a decade.

By comparison, the Covid-19 pandemic is a relatively simple and straightforward operation given that the Communist Chinese have the rest of the world doing most of the heavy lifting for them. Just kick over that first domino. Of course, this doesn’t prove anything in a legal sense. But it is a possibility. One only need assess the likelihood given the Chicom’s valuing of human life.

Oh, and of course, the Dems have only been manipulated into helping effectuate the pandemic.


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