How Biden plans to destroy the suburbs

As we move closer to the November election, the myth of black victimization continues to be fostered by Democrats and their feeble nominee for president.  There was a time in politics when candidates would make insinuations about their opponents' policies or their lack of character.  A Democrat might say his Republican opponent didn't vote for or support a certain type of civil rights legislation while not mentioning that the bill referred to was merely a frivolous attempt at virtue-signaling by radicals within the extreme left.  Even though the bill was doomed to fail in both the House and Senate, the Democrats who voted for it were then on record as compassionate people — the implication being that Republicans are not.

However, in 2020, an election year that the left wing must win if its members are to complete their Marxist revolution in the USA, insinuations about opponents are not nearly enough.  Therefore, whenever Joe Biden sticks his head out of his underground bunker and deigns to say a few words about his candidacy, he must take full advantage of the illusion called "systemic racism."  To make an impact worthy of a headline, he called Trump the country's "first racist president."  Thanks to a corrupt media establishment, we live in an era in which Mark Twain's witticism rings true: "a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth gets its boots on."  Consequently, the president, whose policies have reduced the unemployment rate for blacks and other minorities to the lowest in history, is, in some bizarre transmogrification of logic, called a racist.

On the contrary, if he were a racist, he'd be doing what Democrats have been doing for generations: keeping blacks in virtual bondage in order to convince them that racism is systemic.  How else can they get their votes unless they make them believe that their only hope is to vote for Democrats?  To continue the lie, Biden has a section in his platform called "a plan for investing in our communities through housing."  It sounds altruistic enough until you read the fine print.  To cut to the chase, it means that a Biden administration will endeavor to change the zoning rules in communities across the country.  Their reasoning will be that not enough minorities can afford single-family homes in the suburbs, hence the suburbs are practicing racial discrimination.  By the way, this was first promulgated by the Obama regime.  The far left, led by Biden, is now doubling down on that reasoning.

According to the "plan," those suburbs, which don't have enough minority ownership of homes, must agree to change the zoning and allow much more affordable housing — i.e., increased density through multi-family apartment buildings.  In other words, why shouldn't we have low-income apartment buildings towering over single-family homes in suburbia?  The plan implies that those zoning laws are keeping black families from growing up in a crime-free environment with access to better education.  Notwithstanding the fact that zoning laws exist to decide what can be built in a town, not who can live there, Biden's plan suggests that it's all about race.  Zoning protects all residents by making sound decisions that positively impacts their future.  For example, you wouldn't want a bomb factory to be built next to a school or a ten-story apartment building next to single-family homes.

First of all, according to the Federal Fair Housing Act (FFHA) of 1968, it's already illegal to discriminate against minorities in housing.  So what does this have to do with equality?  Well, to rational, honest people, nothing.  But to the leftist, redistributionist mindset, a person's inability to afford a home is tantamount to economic discrimination.  With that logic, why should you live in a home worth $300K while others live in mansions costing millions?  Your neighbor drives a Rolls while you navigate around town in a Hyundai?  Grab the pitchforks!  The truth is that minorities are moving into the suburbs on their own, and they have as much interest in prudent zoning laws as the majority has.  In addition, speaking about majority, The Atlantic, an American lifestyle magazine,  which is not exactly a conservative publication, recently wrote, "[T]he majority, 52 percent, of African Americans in the nation's top 100 metro areas live in the suburbs of those regions."  Given that stat, a fair question would be, what is the problem? The answer is that Democrats disregard facts and continue to promote myths.

What we see in Biden's policies are more radical attempts to divide the country by race and class warfare and make them another part of the Democrat Party control machine.  The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) agency under Obama took away grant money from any communities that he deemed guilty of not having enough minority homeownership in their area.  Those areas could also be sued by the feds if they refused to show "improvement."  With some powers that weren't granted to him under the FFHA, Obama added language called "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing" (AFFH), which would radically undercut the political and economic independence of the suburbs.  It would allow bureaucrats in HUD to control zoning laws — the placement of transportation and business districts and the drawing of school districts.  Democrats have made a decision that the suburbs are not providing them with enough votes, so they must be punished.

The good news is, thanks to President Trump, Obama's AFFH rule, which he created out of thin air and basically says communities are guilty of segregation by statistics if there are not enough minorities in the area, has been rescinded.  The bad news is, if Biden is elected, that rule will be back in effect, and the destruction of the suburbs will proceed as planned.

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