Getting a handle on ‘white supremacy’

I know what it’s like to be judged by people I’ve never met and never will, usually smug left-liberal scolds who, based on some published words with which they merely disagree or which they’ve (usually willfully) misconstrued, assume they know me, my background, and how, on what and with whom I spend my time before delivering lectures on progressive orthodoxy. But one need not write for publication – or do anything – to be unfairly judged by supercilious left-liberals who imagine their intellectual and moral guidance to be indispensable. Frankly, their assumptions, judgments and lectures are revealing. I have lived in several and traveled to all but a handful of America’s fifty states, including every Southern state.  In none did I ever detect a general sense of “supremacy” held by normal Americans of any race. In fact, the only genuine example of “white supremacy” I’ve ever observed is the...(Read Full Post)
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