Do the media really care what Dr. Fauci has to say?

Another day, another story about the Fauci vs. Trump feud.  This is getting as bad as a grocery store newspaper with front-page stories about this movie star cheating on his spouse.

It's obvious that there is an editor or two out there on a mission to push this narrative.

First, I put some of the blame here on Dr. Fauci.  When is the good doctor going to figure out that many reporters want to promote the feud narrative?  He should stop doing interviews period or ignore those questions about his relationship with the president. 

Second, it was stupid for Peter Navarro to go public with criticism of Dr. Fauci.  What good does it accomplish?

Last, but not least, I am tired of hearing that President Trump does not listen to scientists.

Who convinced President Trump to shut down the U.S. economy and put millions out of work?  It was Fauci and the scientists, or the same people whom the "media narrative" claims that the president does not listen to.  What U.S. president is going to endorse a policy that drives unemployment from 3% to 14%?  It was President Trump who listened to the scientists!

Apparently, Dr. Fauci is back at the White House today.

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