Daniel Silva's latest book, The Order

Fans of Daniel Silva's Gabriel Allon series wait with bated breath for each new book. Readers first met Gabriel Allon in The Kill Artist (2004).  He was a member of Israel's secret service and one of Golda Meir's instruments of revenge for the murder of the Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.  In the most recent books, Allon, also a talented art restorer (which is often his cover), has risen to be Chief of Office, the head of Mossad. Silva's stories are all ingenious, exciting, and rich in detail of people and places.  The books were never personally political; readers never had a sense of Silva's own politics and never had cause to even wonder.  Clearly, he is pro-Israel, which perhaps made readers unconsciously think he was conservative, since, with the passing of years, the Democrat party has become increasingly anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian. Most of the history on which Silva bases his...(Read Full Post)
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