Are the cities emptying out?

Much of what's most important in social trends, the things real people really do, isn't reported, especially if it doesn't fit the narrative.  So while the record-setting 21% jump in existing home sales in June made headlines, a key trend wasn't mentioned. Millions of Americans are voting with their feet.  They're leaving the cities.  In Michigan, despite some of the nation's worst unemployment — engineered in large part by our governor — homes priced around $200,000 are often on the market for about a day.  Much more expensive homes in northern Michigan, hundreds of miles from Detroit and Grand Rapids, are also selling quickly. Why?  Two reasons: People have found they can work from home, and they want to escape what the media portray as nonviolent protests and riots. These same trends were discussed by Kristin Tate in an article in The Hill.  She noted that New York City...(Read Full Post)
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