White guilt, white hypocrisy

White guilt, from central Minneapolis to both coasts, serves as convenient cover.  The high-minded statements that come out of Minnesota's law schools, for example, are part of a big con, pervasive in other states and in other departments. Our academics pontificate about white privilege, systemic racism, police brutality, sentencing disparities, affirmative action, and reparations.  They buzz with words, using self-righteous rhetoric to distract critics from something easy, a specific act, that would immediately reform law schools.  If we really believe that the "rule of law" promotes democracy, we should all support a remedy that could quickly improve on the American experiment. It may take a rebel or a spy to blow down the castle's walls.  Going local in Minnesota, I say the tired liberals should be pushed, even forced, to resign their positions — now.  Let's not wait for them all...(Read Full Post)
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