What good do the masks do, really?

We are seeing jurisdictions everywhere imposing mask bans at a rate that approaches the number of bars being threatened with liquor license revocation for failing to enforce social distancing.  If that sentence seems complicated, then you are beginning to appreciate just how confusing all the arguments are about face coverings.  After all, we have N95s, surgical masks, homemade cloth masks (enjoy the video), and the classic train robber bandana.  Just for good measure, as I wore my cup-style dust mask on my last pass through Costco, I saw staff members wearing required face coverings that came from lathe section at Woodcraft. Figure 1: Mask styles. It should be intuitively obvious to the most casual observer that these masks are not all identical in their intended use and possible function against viruses.  The bandana and face shield represent the extreme of one side of the spectrum.  The shield blocks large objects (relative...(Read Full Post)
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