Schadenfreude: Rabid leftists of CHOP refuse to quit their Seattle squats, leaving lefty mayor up a crik without a paddle

After supporting Seattle's CHOP and declaring it a "summer of love," Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan had no choice but to bow out of it, given that it had become a killing zone and police were obstructed from tending the gunfire victims bleeding in the streets.

The lawsuits from destroyed businesses were looming, plus there was President Trump, a man she rabidly hated herself, threatening to come in and hose that hellhole out if she wouldn't. 

Only a little bit of egg on her face, she tried to tell the media lackeys, as she backed down and declared the CHOP over. No more block party, summer of love done, and summer hadn't even officially started. Clearing her throat, she announced that community organizers would clear the streets and direct the homeless to 'services' and lefty-ism could happily go on.

Just one problem:

The rabid leftists embedded at CHOP have no intention of leaving.

According to KOMO News:

SEATTLE — Two nights after some decided to leave the ‘Capitol Hill Organized Protest’ saying the movement was over, a few dozen people remain Thursday camped outside of the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct.

As of now, they tell KOMO News they won’t leave “until their demands are met,” which include defunding SPD by 50 percent and moving that money in to Black communities.

And with the smaller crowds, some leaders with what’s being called the “CHOP Council” say it actually helps to better focus their message.

“We’ve really weeded out the people that are here to protest and the people that are here to party,” said Mark Anthony, identifying himself as a member of the “CHOP Council.”

Which rather leaves Durkan in kind of a pickle.
She's the one who sucked up to them, she's the one who took the political heat from it, she's the one who made her city a laughingstock even as she declared the whole Lord of the Flies transformation 'democracy' --- and now she's the one holding the bag.
Here's what I wrote of her idiocy a couple days ago:

Then she lays out her plan of action, which is basically to say, the next time a warlord sprays a public park, call a social worker.

[W]e are working with the community to bring this to an end ... we need to disrupt the cycle of violence ... de-escalate and move people to services...we are engaging those partners now[.]

And her prospects for success?

"I am hopeful that these organizations will convince these people to leave."

Well, they didn't.
Because it was only her keister on the line, not theirs. They weren't going to help someone this stupid.
As a result, now either she moves in with police force to chase these bounders and their 'demands' out, or else she ends up looking like a paper-tiger fool, a ragdoll easily flopped around by whoever wants to use her for the purpose. 
The CHOP-ites know her type very well and are betting on her folding like a cheap suit. That's why they're not budging.
So now she has nothing but distasteful options on her plate. She can send in the cops to rip the squatters out and restore order to her tax base -- which should earn her the opprobrium of every lefty out there as a sellout to Trump.
Or, she lets the mess go on - the world laughing at her every pronouncement from now on, the lawsuits emptying her city coffers because who's going to argue with them (Victory Girls has an excellent piece here) and President Trump poised to take over. She can claim she's preserving the supposed goodwill of the rabid left, except that it's pretty clear they despise her.
Does she have any friends left, given her atrocious choices which led to this? Don't think so.
Seems appeasing a monster doesn't make the monster go away with a clap, it just makes the monster meaner. 
No matter what she chooses, she loses. Couldn't happen to a nicer leftwing moron turning a solid blue city into a Caracas-style garbage heap and then yelling that Trump is the problem.
Image credit: Screenshot from Fox News, via shareable YouTube