The leftist war on America's police is intended to oust Trump

One of the byproducts of anarchy is totalitarianism.  People cannot sustain living in a wholly destabilized society, and they will invariably seek a strong man to create order.  Order, after all, was Hitler's promise following the utter chaos of the 1920s.

Democrats, with their simultaneous attacks against both Trump and civil order, are hoping they can herd people into voting for Biden, with the promise that a Biden presidency will bring peace.  And it will — a Roman peace, along the lines of Tacitus's famous statement that the Romans "ravage, they slaughter, they seize by false pretenses, and all of this they hail as the construction of empire.  And when in their wake nothing remains but a desert, they call that peace."  To that end, the Democrats are busy ravaging, slaughtering, and seizing by false pretenses.

For those wondering whether this is an exaggeration, think what's been happening over the last few days around America thanks to police either pulling back because they're being scapegoated or, in extremely leftist cities, being told to stand down to let the rioters have their play on the streets.  An article at The Federalist sums up the situation just two days ago:

Earlier this week, at least eight people in Minneapolis were shot. According to CBS 4 Minnesota, "the Minneapolis Police Department says it's investigating five separate incidents" and no arrests have been made yet.


Another shooting, one of the most violent in Minneapolis's history, according to the Star Tribune, wounded 11 people and killed another on Sunday. A suspect has yet to be arrested and Minneapolis Police has "been in touch with FBI officials in the Twin Cities."


ABC 7 in New York City reported that more than 22 people were shot over the weekend as police presence continues to decrease by order of the mayor. 


According to Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, there was "an increase of 25 percent in homicides in the last few days," but city still plans to use its Cure Violence movement instead of police to mitigate gun violence. 


According to NBC 5 Chicago, more than 50 people were shot this weekend with at least eight fatalities reported. Many of the shootings have resulted in no one in custody.

This comes just a few weeks after this year's Memorial Day weekend, which was the most violent weekend in Chicago's history. According to the Chicago Sun Times, more than 85 people were wounded in shootings and 25 other people died that weekend.

In Washington, D.C., NBC's Andrea Mitchell and Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.), both of them stalwart Black Lives Matter–supporters, were almost tackled by a male protester fetchingly attired in pink lingerie.  They were saved only when someone faster grabbed him.  The funniest thing is how Mitchell and Norton promptly whine, "Where's the police when you need them?"

For sheer heartbreak, though, you won't find anything that beats the story Carrie Boomer Heinrich, a Minnesota native, tells about her 12-year-old son's football practice.  Around 50 children between 5 and 14 were gathered together on the field, along with some parents; younger siblings; and, of course, the coaches.  Suddenly, the football field became the middle ground in a gang war, with gang members in cars driving by the field, shooting at each other across the children.

What makes Henrich's narrative so powerful and affecting is the lack of the hysteria we routinely get from the left.  There is no shrieking and no screaming.  Heinrich tries to avoid politics altogether, except when she cannot resist saying, "We needed the cops.  The cops were called."

This is the anarchy that the leftists crave.  They know that most people listen to or read only the headline and maybe a little bit more.  If the mainstream media can present a streamlined version of events, that version will control the election.

As the year progresses, expect the media to assure Americans that the violence in the streets has nothing to do with Democrats (who have yet to say a word against the looting, the violence, and the destruction).  Instead, they will relentlessly tell America that the savaging of American communities has everything to do with Trump being a weak and racist president.  Peace, they'll promise us, will return to America only if voters oust Trump from the White House and replace him with Biden (a puppet) and a leftist black woman who will be the actual president.