Another weekend of black lives that don't matter

As we watch mobs vandalize statues, a few kids will be buried in Chicago.  They didn't die in an accident; rather, they were in the wrong place when the bullets started flying.  One of them was riding in the car with his parent.

Chicago's "Killing Fields" go on and on.

Where is the mayor?  She is angry at President Trump for everything and at a local city alderman for saying some of the businesses will never come back.  They didn't in Baltimore and won't in Chicago.

This is from the Chicago Tribune:

A 3-year-old boy was shot and killed in Chicago over the weekend. Two hours later, a 13-year-old girl was shot and killed just blocks away.

Between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, seven people were killed, including the 3-year-old, the 13-year-old and two other teenagers.

Where is the outrage?  I see some, especially from family and friends.

Where is the political class?  Where are the two U.S. senators and so on?

When will the governor of Illinois get out of his politically correct bunker and put the National Guard on the streets to stop this every weekend?  Like the mayor, he is busy blaming Trump.  After all, isn't everything Trump's fault in these cities run by Democrats?

Sadly, we've reached a point where "black deaths matter" only when they can be blamed on Trump or Columbus.

Who knew we'd be blaming Columbus 500-something years after he died?

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