Coronavirus Derangement Syndrome

Today's yellow brick road to a coronavirus-free world is as phony as the one Dorothy took to find her way back home (in The Wizard of Oz).  Too many are acting as though they were characters in a fantasy instead of real human beings in the actual world.  Such an astounding disorientation as we are witnessing on account of a virus leaves little doubt that political maneuvering and the hand of corporate media have a lot to do with the oppressive official response to COVID-19.  Relying on the mainstream media for all you need to know about this pandemic is to put your faith in their honesty and objectivity.  Not for me, thank you, considering the track record. 

Let me bring up what is missing from the usual reporting on coronavirus.  It is not being said loudly or clearly enough that the coronavirus is not a disease or an illness.  It is the name of a virus.  It is no small matter to know what is being talked about.  The distinction between the sickness and its cause gets lost in the media chatter.  Does "having coronavirus" mean you're sick, or does it mean you have a virus in your body that has been identified as COVID-19?  Not a trivial matter.

It's also not being said loudly or clearly enough that we've all, at some time, "had coronavirus."  It's not a disease or illness, remember, but a virus.  It is important to know that in one form or another, the coronavirus has caused respiratory illness for centuries.  The current form of the virus that global-minded leaders of society are obsessed with and are using to make everyone comply with their, not our, ideas for how to live is not even the worst one in history.

I do not mean to confuse the matter beyond the jumble it is already in — experts telling us not to wear masks, experts telling us to wear masks, experts telling us to stay away from each other, sanitize, sanitize, sanitize, until we finally "eradicate the coronavirus" — while the "science" is daily revised to keep pace with the flow of conflicting data — experts pontificating on what to do, and governors and mayors treating noncompliance as a crime.  So I continue to bring up what I'm not hearing from officialdom and from the "experts." 

Bill Gates tells us it is necessary for everyone in the world to be vaccinated in order to defeat COVID-19.  I can't help thinking he's too full of his own self-importance to make such an imperious judgment.  Not to make light of the matter, but every time I hear of such an extremely radical scheme to stamp out a scourge, I can't help thinking of the monumental failures to stamp out crabgrass, ants, and rats.

And here is something else hard to swallow: the testing, testing, though knowing that there is a coronavirus in the body, one of the several other viruses already in the body being fought off naturally 24/7, is going to save us from a trip to E.R.  That is a likely outcome when the immune system is weak.  Such massive (and mostly irrelevant) testing is — I must say it — a great way to keep the public spooked and political plotters supplied with data to falsify.

Again, the coronavirus has been killing people forever, via aggravated colds and other serious respiratory infections.  That it is suddenly necessary in some states for everyone to be told daily how many coronavirus deaths have occurred, without reporting deaths from other viruses — as though the comparison is not newsworthy — smells too strongly of deception.

In support of the oppressive restrictions damaging lives and livelihoods beyond calculation we are enjoined by experts like Anthony Fauci to respect the science and heed the authorities on the matter.  Where have we heard such advice before?  Well, from the "climate change" experts who peddle their doomsday scenarios.  Could it be that "authorities" who draw their conclusions from "settled science" are actually clueless or, heaven forbid, lying?

Far too many have been spooked out of their wits by the dread of "getting the coronavirus," a fear blown out of proportion by a corporate media that has grown notorious for its dishonesty and heavy leftist bias.  

Restoring sanity involves removing the breath-impeding, unhealthy face masks and acting like human beings again.  It is time to make a U-turn back to normal.  And please drop that phony and insidious tag "new normal."  We are not a new species of human being. 

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