The 'basement candidate' needs to speak up

The left's latest crazy idea is to defund the police.  Let's hope someone in the media will ask former former V.P. Joe Biden for a clarification.  So far, Biden has not said anything.

Defunding the police will have three immediate consequences:

First, it will make it even more difficult to attract men and women to serve in these police units.  A year ago, Dallas was about 1,000 officers short of its goal.  It is worse in Baltimore.

Second, it won't make the city safer.  It will make blacks, Hispanics, and minorities living in those districts more vulnerable to crime.  Would you want your wife or mother to walk in streets without police?

Third, it will drive more citizens to arm themselves.  Not surprisingly, gun sales are up, and lots of women are buying them.

Let's see what happens.  In the meantime, 2020 has offered President Trump another opportunity to make the case that he is the "law and order" candidate, and Joe Biden is not.

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