Project Veritas begins its Antifa exposé

Project Veritas ought to be called Project Fortitudo so as to recognize the mind-boggling bravery of an undercover operative who infiltrated the Rose City Antifa organization in Portland, Oregon, one of the oldest active Antifa groups in America.  The anarcho-leftist Antifa specializes in violent street fighting, putting at extreme risk anyone who goes into the group with a hidden camera. That's the risk a Project Veritas investigator took, beginning sometime in the past, but at least eleven months ago.  (To protect the investigator's identity, the year in which he began his undercover operation is bleeped out.) Although Antifa has leapt to prominence in the past few days, as it's joined forces with Black Lives Matter to wreak havoc in American cities, conservatives have been aware of it for some time.  For most of us, Antifa became a concern beginning with the Berkeley rioting when the Berkeley Republicans...(Read Full Post)
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