Everything is bad and we are beyond redemption: The left reeks of 'downerism'

It should be abundantly clear by now that what characterizes our left is negativity, pessimism, and a general belief that everything is awful, really, really awful — all the time.  America was awful as founded and is awful to this day.  In their mind, this country is a terrible place, racist and marred by relentless and toxic inequality.  Nearly all of our academics, those self-appointed elites who deign to tell our children how and what to think about their country, have spent nearly three decades telling students that they are guilty, guilty, guilty of all manner of crimes against humanity, very especially if they were born white, God forbid.

If poeple are born white, they are beyond guilty of a crime against humanity.  They are responsible for the oppression of others.  The tyranny of multiculturalism took over academia in the late 1970s, when the anti-Americans of the 1960s became tenured radicals.  Their mission, which they accepted with both reverence and glee, was to dispel any beliefs that young Americans had about American exceptionalism.  This generation of newly minted professors were determined to teach their young students that they were the undeserving beneficiaries of an unfair society.  The "old white men" who had spent years, 1776–1787, hammering out the most consequential document in human history were, from these radicalized academics' late 1960s moment, to be forever condemned for the crime of intellectual brilliance and the creation of the freest, most fair nation on the planet.

If only the academics of today were remotely as smart and as well read and selfless as those men who set about founding this nation. Instead, they are merely indoctrinated with leftist radicalism; they are not genuine thinkers like Thomas Sowell, F.A. Hayek, Milton Friedman, Eric Hoffer, and William Buckley.  They never question the rightness of their socialist beliefs or their identity politics that separates all people into tribes by skin color.  They don't think!  They don't consider the consequences of their misguided theories.

Make no mistake: they are all about pitting identity groups against one another.  The more dissension they can create among Americans, the more power they think they have over all of us.  To a large extent, they have won!  Despite the absolute proof that there is no "systemic racism" among American police departments, thousands of protesters, both peaceful and violent, have been convinced that all cops are racist thugs.  This is not even remotely true.  Ask the law-abiding minorities who live in blighted neighborhoods beset by gangs and drug-dealers; they revere their police, who protect them on a daily basis.  Thanks to the riots, thousands of those law-abiding residents of these Democrat-run cities and states are now without neighborhood stores.  Rioters and looters have destroyed them.  This is what these savages pretending to protest the death of George Floyd have done.  They have infected all the communities they've destroyed with their own hatred of all things American, like small businesses, families, faith, and work.  Everything is awful, so we will make it worse.  We will punish those who live and love their American lives.  It's what they do.

The self-flagellating left is rooting for the world to descend into some sort of self-inflicted inferno.  Leftists are working hard to hurry up the process.  Like the climate change true believers, these miserable leftists are so addicted to their certainty of the coming apocalypse that they explode if confronted with a fact that may put a chink in their faith in the approaching cataclysm.  For the climate change branch of the left, facts drive them over the edge.  The glaciers are not melting; the polar bears are not endangered, the oceans are not rising any faster than they have since the end of the Ice Age.  No fact in opposition to their religious belief in man-made climate disaster can be heard, let alone considered.

They are devoted to their conviction that the end is near and deserved by all humankind.  Tell them the sun's activity may have a role in our climate and they become apoplectic.  Bring up China or India, and they immediately change the topic.  Like blacks who have been convinced that racism is the cause of their unhappiness or frustration, true believers who have spent decades convinced that what they've been taught is true, they are blind and deaf to any facts that may prove what they've been taught is false.  Shockingly, Michael Moore is an exception to the rule, something of an independent owing to his knowledge of the working-class perspective.  He has seen the light re: green energy.  He made a film revealing his epiphany, and YouTube has banned it for its serious breach of the party line.  It signals that the left is a cultural monolith — that rejects anything positive on their doomsday scenario.

So the question is: is the left's addiction to negativism, pessimism and general downheartedness an impermeable thing, genetic and incurable? It seems so since they cannot wrest themselves from their depressive outlook on the world at large. Try to tell a Black Lives Matter supporter that the group may have been hijacked by bad actors with devious intentions and you'll be derided as a racist. Condemn the looters and their unspeakable violence and be prepared to be vilified as a heartless scourge.

The downers do not suffer truth or facts with grace. Show them a bit of optimism and be prepared for their visible disgust. Happiness to a leftist is like the cross to the devil. It is not allowed in their realm. Misery is the order of their day; they resent those who are not miserable and are determined to see that we all become miserable. But we won't. Those of us who inhabit the world outside of the blinkered disconsolate portion of the population that is seemingly genetically predisposed to gloom... well, we love our families, our communities, our police, our work and our country as founded. We have contempt for the anti-Americans that have infected our body politic for good reason. They are incessant downers. They live bleak lives characterized by nothing but rage and fury. They celebrate nothing and attack everything great about this nation and its people. 

How else to explain all the white people willing to get down on their knees to reject their alleged privilege as if they chose to be born white? There is only one answer to explain this: empty lives. Who on earth would submit to such willing humiliation but persons with empty lives, people looking for validation anywhere and everywhere, no matter how grotesque. The most tragic revelation of the riots over the death by cop of George Floyd is just that: far too many Americans live lives in search of a cause, no matter how illegitimate that cause may be. Despite the mantra of Black Lives Matter, the group that has now been infiltrated by Antifa and the violence they bring to the table, all lives do matter; that is not a racist statement, it's a fact. That was the point of the Constitution, the 13th Amendment and the civil rights laws of the 1960s, all of which many Democrats in Congress opposed, were all about.

Sadly, two generations of young people are ignorant of the most basic facts of American history. They have been miseducated to be malleable, to be gullible and to not think critically for themselves. They have been indoctrinated to be submissive subjects of a Democrat party intent upon authoritarian control. Orwell's 1984 was far more prescient than anyone could have imagined. 'We the People' are not as uniformly freedom-loving as our Founders assumed we would always be. What we are seeing and enduring this past week is heartbreaking for it exposes the abject submission by far too many Americans to illegitimate, fascist thugs, all those people who thrive on bad news — the worse the better.