Only 128 days before you have to rebuild

Recently, we've all enjoyed scenes of "peaceful demonstrators" burning and looting businesses all across the fruited plains of America.  Young, ill educated punks throwing bricks or Molotov cocktails through store windows all seem to have the same rhetorical response: it's all covered by insurance, anyway, ain't it? No, it's not in many cases, showing that these violent thugs know about as much about insurance policies as they know about particle physics or American history.  And even if damage from riots were covered, getting reimbursed by insurance companies is as easy as extracting wisdom teeth with long, divergent roots.  There's also the little matter of finding contractors, ordering materials, and dealing with the psychological scars of seeing your life's work reduced to smoldering ruins.  And getting all this done during a pandemic where the rules, especially in Democrat-run locales, change...(Read Full Post)
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