One retired Marine isn't putting up with Mattis's nonsense

Ret. Marine general James Mattis, who served as Trump's defense secretary, resigned over a year ago but has apparently been nursing a grudge since then.  Last week, he took to the pages of the left-wing Atlantic magazine to air that grievance. Mattis revealed a small mind.  His facts were wrong and his arguments foolish and simplistic.  The Democrat media, of course, celebrated the article despite its fundamental flaws.  Retired Marine captain John M. Dowd, however, decided that he wasn't going to sit there and take that nonsense, so he struck back.  What he wrote is red meat for conservatives and Trump-supporters. To understand what Mattis wrote for the Atlantic, you have to know that while he does love the Marines, he's a leftist at heart.  He supports the global warming agenda, is hostile to Israel, shied away from fights with the mullahs, wanted so-called transgenders in the...(Read Full Post)
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