Joe Biden's mental decline sadly evident twice yesterday

How will Joe Biden be able to handle presidential debates?  Or campaigning beyond his basement?   

I almost hate to point this out because I do have compassion for anyone facing the mental challenges of aging.  But the Oval Office is no place for someone needing compassion for his mental deterioration (or any job-related disability).  Keep Joe Biden feeding the geese at his lavish estate in Delaware, and I will gush with sympathy and maybe even share with him my own bouts with aging.

But stay away from seeking a job for which you lack the capacity, Joe!  Age with grace!  As the second-most famous line uttered in the Dirty Harry series of movies points out, "a man's got to know his limitations."

Two brief video clips illustrate the difficulty Joe has with remaining coherent.  Here, despite repeatedly looking down to his notes, he repeats the same basic point three times within 45 seconds, as if there are no thoughts resident in his brain beyond the single talking point written down:

The clip below is even worse.  He drifts off into utter incoherence, a classic word salad.

An enfeebled old man in the White House would become the tool of unaccountable forces able to pressure him, his wife, and his crooked offspring — until the point when whoever is vice president invokes the 25th Amendment or nature takes its course with an elderly man subjected to the unfathomable responsibilities of the presidency.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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