Missing the point on the Jones Act

Earlier this month, the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 or “Jones Act” as it is commonly referred to, turned 100 years old. For the last century, this important piece of legislation has ensured that at least one vital industry has not been exported in the name of nominal economic gains and wouldn’t contribute to the continuing marginalization of “America First” policy in the name of globalism -- shipbuilding. Over the past several years, for one illogical reason or another, voices have sprung up from the proverbial “peanut gallery” calling for its repeal falsely in the name of the so-called “free market principles” that conservatives and libertarians like myself perpetually champion. While some have made inconclusive points against the Jones Act regarding the economic impacts of its potential repeal, these arguments fail to acknowledge that the law is primarily intended to uphold national security interests and is not...(Read Full Post)
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