Carly Fiorina Betrays America

Four years ago, my wife Mary and I followed the Ted Cruz for President campaign state to state, working to secure Cruz as the GOP nominee. Carly Fiorina was Cruz's running mate for vice president. I had my picture taken with her at one of the numerous campaign events. Little did I know Fiorina would prove to be another soulless politician, announcing she will vote for Democrat Joe Biden for president. 

My definition of a soulless politician is someone who simply views politics as a business. I first ran into this mindset many years ago at a cocktail party. While he chewed an hors d'oeuvre, a gentleman said he ran for a political seat as a Republican and lost. Without missing a beat, he said next time he will run as a Democrat because Democrats offered him more campaign money. I was stunned. Republicans and Democrats have different core beliefs and values. Naively, I thought, “How can someone run as a Republican and then run as a Democrat simply for more money?” Clearly, this guy was ideologically soulless. He was only interested in furthering his political career.

Hearing Fiorina speak at numerous events on the campaign trail, I was convinced that she was one of us; a true patriot and lover of conservative principles and values which have made America great.

How on earth can Fiorina vote for Joe Biden for president? Everyone knows Biden in the White House means the end of religious liberty -- open borders for illegals -- implementation of the insane Green New Deal -- the murder of healthy babies after they are born -- the collapse of our economy due to overreaching regulations – government-controlled healthcare with death panels -- allowing Marxists to wreak havoc with impunity – extreme redistribution of wealth, and an ever-growing list of draconian unconstitutional government mandates. Electing Biden would usher in the end of America as founded.

Carly Fiorina is not stupid. Therefore, her personal hatred for Trump obviously overrides her doing the right thing for America. Only a very small person would do such a horrible thing to their country. Carly, you should be ashamed of yourself. I thought better of you.

Brothers and sisters, we are Americans. It is time we take back our country

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

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