Leftist rioters coming for you

In my tiny West Virginia town, I phoned a local farmer to order fresh eggs.  The yolks of his eggs are a rich, deep yellow.  After his wife took my egg order, she asked if she could speak to me about the chaos over the death of George Floyd.  I assume word has spread around town about my political activism. She expressed deep concern for her half-black grandkids living in Maryland who are experiencing racial bullying.  She wanted to know what to tell them about all the racial hate and white supremacy stuff they are hearing from media.  I told her to pray for her grandkids and keep filling them with the truth. Black Lives Matter minions have ambushed and assassinated several cops over the years.  For some reason, George Floyd rioters shooting to death 77-year-old small-town police chief David Dorn feels like a new level of in-our-faces domestic terrorism.  Democrats and fake news media are practically...(Read Full Post)
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