The systemic racism scam

If the transparently outrageous lie of police and generalized American racism is to destroy President Trump, he ought to go down with a ringing refutation of those gross falsehoods.  The American people are among the planet's least racist, and blacks' comparative problems, 65+ years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, are primarily of their own making. 

If you seek the primary causes of blacks' problems in America's complex 21st-century society, look to their percentage of out-of-wedlock births (75+), their rate of violent crime (6–8 times that of whites), their perpetrator percentage of interracial white-black crime (85–90), and the cultural denigration of studiousness as "acting white," not to the conduct and attitudes of America's non-black people or its police.

Who will defend this country and its people, collectively more eager to treat everyone fairly than any nation or gathering of people on the planet?

A low-value word, even in Scrabble (photo credit: Blue Diamond Gallery).

If you must go down, Mr. President, go down with the truth on your lips.

Racism in the U.S. exists only in trace amounts, among the police and the general population, and the little that survives is not the cause of black America's endless litany of unhappiness.  The source of American black despair lies within blacks themselves, their undeveloped abilities and widespread destructive life choices.  But the first can never be whispered and second never spoken.

Cowardice leaves nonexistent racism as the default explanation for black failure.  And it's all Trump's fault, and they're all piling on: the feckless G.W. Bush; the ex-defense secretary Mattis; Drudge; the hoary, moss-covered Carter; the corporations; the athletes; the airhead celebrities; the universities; and of course the media.

And no one is responding. 

The lie of American racism has never been more obvious — and never less often called out for a lie.

On the subject of race in America, circa 2020, reality has no spokesman — and civilized life, pitted against the enormities of the mob, no defender.

A calumny not denounced becomes accepted as the truth.  We see now the consequences of allowing the racist libel of America to go so long unanswered.

We seem heading for a society where the good and the bad will be dispensed in quantities exactly equal to population racial percentages.  To achieve that, black murderers, robbers, and rapists will have to go free, and black high school dropouts given tasks they can't perform and compensation they don't deserve.  China is laughing quietly, Japan thanking the gods that it politely but firmly refused mass immigration.

From the beginning, Trump was one man against the world.  He won because they didn't think he could and didn't take him seriously.

Having failed in every other effort to depose the man they loathe, U.S. elites now have a violent rebellion against civil society to work with.  And they're cheering it on its destructive course, embracing its lies, heedless of the massive and permanent damage it will do.

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