Joe Biden gets a softball question on statue-smashing, and misses

Quick, what's the biggest no-brainer in Washington?

Saying 'no' to looting? 

Denouncing rioting, arson, and terror, by self-appointed leftist mobs?

Blasting  statue-smashers, who deprive America's children of their heritage?

To normal people, any one of these things is a no-brainer.

But not Joe Biden.

Here's Joe Biden, seeking the highest office of he land from his basement hideout, and despite the time he's got on his hands, he's tongue-tied on the issue of whether to remove statues of George Washington.

The Daily Caller asked him an obvious softball question and Biden fled the scene.

According to the Daily Caller:

As calls to remove statues of former U.S. presidents and even Jesus Christ come, presumptive Democratic nominee for the 2020 presidential election Joe Biden has remained silent on the issue, even after his campaign was contacted about the matter.

The Daily Caller reached out to the Biden campaign and asked them if the former vice president agrees with the Democrats who want to tear down statues of George Washington, Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt and some depictions of Jesus. The campaign was given over 24 hours to respond to the inquiry. They did not do so.


Total radio silence.  On an issue that easy. Nobody likes statue-smashing rioters. And anyone normal who's running for president can score some easy votes based on a simple condemnation of the obvious.

But Joe Biden's not not normal. More to the point, he's not surrounded by normal people. He's surrounded by extremists. He takes their orders.

Asked if he'd condemn statue-smashing, he had no answer. 

How exactly could anyone be silent on such a no-brainer issue as keeping a statue of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or U.S. Grant in its rightful place?

Biden's silence tells us oodles about what his value are, and who's calling the shots for him.

Far from being Mr. Moderate, and the 'steady hand' his sycophants portray him as, he's a hunted man, desperate to keep his rabid left voting base happy. They call the shots, so he's clammed up and weaseled out on condemning the mayhem.

It shows that the far left is more important to him tham  mainstream voters who are rightly disgusted and appalled by the lunacy overtaking the country. 

It's also passing weird, because even as he assents to tearing down George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, he also seeks to fill the office they once occupied. Yet if Washington doesn't merit a statue, pax Antifa, why on earth would Biden ever merit a statue at some time in the future, too? Seriously: He wants the office once occuped by George Washington, but in his refusal to condemn the statue-vandals, he's effectively stating that he's better than them. Statues for me, but not for thee, George.

 This calls to mind that Biden is quite beneath the office he seeks, unable to manage even a Sistah Souljah moment to consolidate his political base and atract swing-states and independents.

President Trump, by contrast, is morally unambigous. Because of that, he should be driving the point home, again and again, that Biden is so weak he can't even condemn statue-smashers.

It's part of a long line of questions he has yet to answer for the American voters, as the press fawns and he stays ensconced in his basement. Has he ever been forced to answer a question about defunding the police? About the spread of COVID-19 among the demonstrrators and rioters? About the destruction of black-owned businesses in the riots? About the reluctance of police to take risks in the current climate? He has not. 

The Trump campaign owes it to itself to drive this failure to launch from Biden home, again and again. He shouldn't be weaselling out on what he stands for.

Image credit: Gage Skidmore, via Flickr


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